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1. Gate and Guard House - A secured is all that we look for to keep our families protected in this world which has seen an increase in the crime levels. In such a scenario Amaia Scapes San Pablo offers a secure and protective environment for all its residents. The boundary of the property is well built with a height that isn't easily accessible. The entrance and the exit gates of Amaia Scapes San Pablo stays guarded by professional security guards. These highly trained professionals are dedicated to serving the residents. They keep a check on all the activities that happen in the key areas of the property. The entrance and exit of all the nonresidents are well monitored and recorded. While staying under such high level of a secure system one can be assured about the safe living of his/her family.

2. Patio Green - Spacious green patios are designed and incorporated in Amaia Scapes San Pablo making it one of the rare features that give the residents the benefits of a calm and luxuriant living. One can spend quality time in these patios with their near and dear ones.

3. Luxurious Village Patio - Another addition to the list of luxuriant amenities of Amaia Scapes San Pablo making it not just your residing place but also a place that goes beyond the basic living, offering luxuriant facilities like the magnificent Village Patios. Your relatives and friends are going to fall in love with this new address of yours finding reasons to drop in for their weekends.

4. Basketball Court - We all reside in a world that is full of technical devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. and the youth, as well as, the kids of today are much engrossed in spending time with these gadgets. In such a scenario Amaia Scapes San Pablo offers a huge basketball court for the youth and the kids to get involved in the energetic and refreshing sport.  

5. Swimming Pool - For the relaxed and refreshing swimming sessions of the residents Amaia Scapes San Pablo accommodates a large swimming pool. The pool serves as your rescue in the hot and blazing summers to rejuvenate your tired mind and body.

6. Concrete Jogging Path - Fitness means the world to many in today's time. Some people are such who spend most of the time investing in the well-being of their body. The corporate individuals make sure to take some time out of their busy schedule to head out for a refreshing morning jog or a night walk to feel the natural, cool and refreshing breeze. Amaia Scapes San Pablo has a concretely constructed smooth jogging track which can be used by the residents to head for their morning as well as evening jogging sessions. One can even head out for jovial night walks.


  • The Gate and Guardhouse
  • Patio Green
  • The Village Patio
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • The Jogging Path
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